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Successful Practices

Showcase your successes, share your story, help your colleagues.


What is a Successful Practice

A successful practice is an exceptional opportunity for you to showcase your accomplishments.  Your successful practice, by design, will  encourage others to follow your footsteps to success, while bypassing similar paths of, trial and error frustration,  mistakes, and lost time.  

Further, a successful practice proposes suggestions to difficult or unaddressed situations, provides examples, resources, contacts, and processes to initiate.

You input and successful practices are vital to our community.  In consideration, the Oklahoma CareerTech Instructional Services Divsion may provide up to $250 for an approved successful practice.  You may begin the process by using the form located in resources below.


Structure of a Successful Practice


  • Describe and promote your successful practice by providing a personal introduction
  • Describe why this practice would be beneficial to others
  • Detail your targeted audience for both who should use this practice, and who the practice would impact
  • Share an overview of how the practice has impacted your work or the work of those targeted

Define the Process      

  • Provide all necessary Steps to replicate your successful practice
  • Share any cross-roads or decisions that may be unique to your given situation
  • Provide any documentation, files, rubrics or links that will assist others in replicating your successful practice


The Results section displays concrete examples, work product, demonstrations, or data that showcases the effectiveness of your successful practice.  Consider these examples:

  • If your successful practice assists an individual in providing a better work product, show before and after samples
  • If your successful practice determines processes to assist others, then you might want to include pre-post efficiency ratings, completion rates, production increases, defective product decreases, student productivity and certification completions, etc.
  • Work product samples might include documents, photographs, videos, rubrics, lessons, or web sites.



  • Form

    Successful Practice Submission Form

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    Call for Successful Practices

    Submit your successful practice.
    The Instructional Services Division sponsors service agreements between you and your related division. Successful practice nominations begin at $250.

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