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  1. ALCA Video Library

    Comprehensive Video Library demonstrating key features of ALCA/ICAT while showcasing other ALCA communities. Great source for general application and insights to how others are using ALCA.

  2. ICAT Community-Specific Videos

    Video segments labled Theater are comprehensive tutorials with an active index.  Just start the video and skip to desired segments.

  3. Getting Started - Theater

    Learn about the safety features intrinsic to ICAT. Registration security information, development rights or users and groups. Learn how to gain access to resources by joining an organization.
  4. Profiles in ICAT and the PDC

      This video speaks directly to a Professional Development Center (PDC) profile. The ICAT and PDC profiles are actually linked, therefore,you can view this video to learn about public profiles in ICAT.
  5. Search

      Utilize basic and advanced search engine features to locate resources in ICAT.
  6. ICAT Rooms - Theater

    • Create an ICAT Room
    • Add Room Button
      • Create Areas and Room Navigation
      • Edit Room Areas
      • Enable Enrollment - Room Keys
  7. How to Integrate ICAT into Class Room - Theater

    • Join the Teacher Network (quick access to shared resources)
    • 3 Steps to Naturally Integrate ICAT into Your Classroom
      1. Create a central point of communication and foster community
      2. Facilitate and Assess Online Learning
      3. Advance Learning through Collaboration
    • Shortcuts to creating an ICAT course
      • Copy Basic ICAT Room
      • Create syllabus using ICAT Template
      • Create a calendar
      • Display (Attach) resources to a room
  8. Managing Student Assessment Online

    The following videos relate directly to effectively developing your online courses so that assessing your online students is comprehensive and efficient. 

  9. Rubric - Theater

    • Create a Rubric
    • Task Manager
      • Task Manager Categories
      • Assessing Tasks with Rubrics
      • Student and Teacher Views
  10. Exam - Theater

    • ICAT Test Resource Overview
      • Basic Design
      • Review Instrument
      • Recorded Grade
    • Task Manager
      • Tests-Assigned
      • Student View
      • Tests - Returned
      • Tests - Remediated
  11. Units of Instruction Theater

    • Create an Activity Resource
    • Create a Task Resource
      • Embed Activity Resource in the instructions section
      • Task Scheduling
    • Create a Unit Resource
      • Add Tasks that comprise Unit
    • Import Unit to Manager
    • Display Unit in Room Area
    • Weighted Averages
    • Automate Tasks based on student performance
  12. Miscellaneous

  13. Upload Video to ICAT

      This video is an excerpt from the course Making Movies for ICAT.
      You are welcome to view the course for details on creating video.
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